Sexual cannibalism in declining populations

Adam Fisher


Start Year: 2015, 2nd cohort

Host University: The University of Liverpool

Department: Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour

Supervisors:  Tom Price (University of Liverpool), Stephen Cornell (University of Liverpool), Greg Holwell  (University of Auckland)



Academic profile


First class Masters in Biology, University of Liverpool (2010 – 2014)

Skills and relevant qualifications

Animal behaviour theory, programming

ACCE PhD Research topic

Sexual cannibalism in declining populations

Due to rapid habitat change fuelled by anthropogenic factors, many species are becoming less able to thrive in their natural environments. Behaviours that were previously adaptive may become less advantageous or even maladaptive when the conditions under which those behaviours evolved are changed rapidly. Such changes may have an impact on the survival of populations. My PhD aims to investigate the effects of sexual cannibalism on populations in declining habitats.