Publication Extension Award

Rationale and criteria for the award

This award scheme is to support final-year ACCE DTP students who are on track to submit their thesis on time, to prepare and submit a high quality manuscript for publication.

Applicants are expected to show that they are on track to submit their thesis on time, and that the extension would give them enough additional time to complete a single paper to a high standard.

The scheme is not intended to support new directions of research or data collection for their thesis but can include additional or revised analysis of already collected data. Students normally apply for a 2 months extension (with up to 3 months allowed if it is justified) beyond the standard 3.5 years supported by ACCE. The duration of the extension should be sufficient to complete and submit the paper, but is not expected to cover the time waiting for and responding to referees’ comments. 

Applicants should be aware that the ACCE DTP does not have sufficient resources to support every ACCE-funded student with this scheme. Extensions will be awarded by the ACCE DTP Management Board review group on a competitive basis, where scientific excellence is the guiding principle in the decision process.

The award offer will be determined on the basis of the following pieces of evidence:

  1. Evidence that their PhD thesis will be submitted on time with detailed progress report on type of data, analyses and results included in each chapter, and a timeline for completing the PhD if an extension is not granted; 
  2. Clear plans with milestones and timeline for writing a publication if an extension is granted, including a figure or table showing key results of the paper; 
  3. Proposed abstract of the paper; 
  4. Outline of contents, explaining the scientific significance and how this makes an important contribution to new knowledge in a way that would be evident to a non-specialist;
  5. Targeted journal


To be eligible students should have a funding end date which is on or before the 10th May 2022, have completed data collection and core analysis and have their thesis in the near completion stage. 

This is the last year there will be a full cohort applying for the award – the award will still be available to DTP1 students after this application round but due to the variation in student funding end dates we need to review the application timelines going forward. If you have a funding end date between 11th May 2022 and 31st December 2022 and are interested in applying in the future, please get in touch 


5pm – Monday 6th September 2021


Please submit your application by email to ACCE DTP