Publication award

Rationale and criteria for the award

This award scheme will support ACCE DTP students to prepare and submit a potentially high impact manuscript.

It is recognized that 3.5 years of PhD studies provide very little time to publish research findings. The goal of the scheme is to reward successful students by providing them with the opportunity to disseminate their best work in the scientific literature.

The scheme is not intended to support further research or data collection. Students can apply for a maximum of 3 months extension beyond the standard 3.5 years supported by ACCE.

Applicants should be aware that the ACCE DTP does not have sufficient resources to support every ACCE – funded student with this scheme. Extensions will be awarded by the ACCE DTP management board reviewers on a competitive basis, where scientific excellence is the guiding principle in the decision process.

The award offer will be determined on the basis of the following pieces of evidence:

  • Evidence that their PhD thesis will be submitted on time with a detailed progress report on the type of data, analyses and results included in each chapter;
  • Clear plans with milestones and timeline for writing a publication and a key figure;
  • Proposed abstract of the paper;
  • Outline of contents (scientific excellence must be evident to technical non-specialist);
  • Targeted journal likely to produce ‘high impact’ (evaluated on a discipline-specific basis);
  • Evidence of research success, e.g. previously published paper(s) or awards.


To be eligible, students should be at the end of their third year, have completed data collection and analysis and have their thesis in near completion stage. Students should aim to apply before the end of their third year, once they have a thesis submission date in mind.


15 Sep 2019


Please submit your application by email to ACCE DTP