PhD Opportunities At York

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Departments of Biology, Environment and Geography, Archaeology and Chemistry

ACCE DTP brings together the very best in environmental, ecological and evolutionary research across the Universities of York, Sheffield and Liverpool, along with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and Natural History Museum (NHM).

Students will benefit from a PhD training programme that has interdisciplinary collaboration at its core. The aim is to produce multi-skilled researchers equipped to tackle cutting-edge environmental science of global significance, embedded within a unique, supportive training environment.

At York, the NERC Partnership brings together researchers from the Departments of Biology, Environment, Archaeology, and Chemistry.

All projects are co-supervised, most of them with supervisors in different institutions, to foster innovative science, collegiality, and breadth of experience.

Biology Department via ACCE DTP offers projects across the spectrum of environmental science, focussing on ecosystem services, climate change, biodiversity, and evolution.

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Please read ‘How to apply‘ before submitting your application.

Department of Biology

Ecological communities in a changing environment

The dynamics of insect biodiversity in novel British landscapes

Ants as ecosystem engineers: the interaction between niche construction and land management

How does soil microbial diversity impact upon above-ground drought tolerance in plants?

Examining climate change impacts on tropical butterflies

Does plant pathogen adaptation in environmental reservoirs and secondary host affect its virulence and risk for transmission?

The impact of social relationships on crop-raiding in male African savannah elephants

The aphid microbiome: ecological and evolutionary dynamics of multispecies interactions

The evolution of wing shape and flight in mimetic butterflies

Landscapes for the conservation of the Giant Ibis in Cambodia

Department of Environment and Geography

How will air pollution and climate change combine to impact future global food supply?

Dynamic Landscapes, Changing Climate and Ecosystem Functioning: Modelling past losses, present extend and future potential of peatlands within the North York Moors National Park

The past, present and future of the Great Barrier Reef: integrating machine learning, ecology and sedimentology

Sustainable mountain soils in the face of change; impact of land-use and climate extremes

Pharmaceuticals in agriculture – Assessing the impacts of wastewater and irrigation on crop production and soil health