PhD Opportunities At Liverpool

Doctoral training with ACCE2 at the University of Liverpool

APPLICATIONS FOR 2021 ENTRY ARE NOW OPEN. Closing date for applications is 15th January 2021

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed for only one project from across the ACCE partnership. However, as some projects have more applicants than others, we encourage applicants to consider applying for more than one project within ACCE in order to maximise their chances of being interviewed.

The studentships are open to UK and international/ EU applicants.

Please note that the UKRI funding only covers UK fees (£4407 at the 2020/2021 rate). International and EU fee rate candidates would need to cover the remaining amount of tuition fees by securing additional funding. 

Within equal opportunities principles and regulations, applications will be assessed in the light of a candidate’s ability to meet the required criteria. Students will be evaluated by application and by interview performance.


Dr David Atkinson: Predicting body size shrinkage – the third universal response to environmental warming

Dr Karl Bates: The evolution of locomotion in birds

Dr Jakob Bro-Jorgensen: Assembly of ungulate communities as an outcome of interspecific interactions over ecological and evolutionary time frames

Dr Ariel Camp: The function, morphology and evolution of fused vertebrae in bony cartilaginous fishes

Dr Alan Cartmell: Microbial evolution to environmental change: The response of a model Bacteroidetes community to the challenge of novel polysaccharide energy sources

Dr Stephen Cornell: Exploring conservation policy with agent-based models

Prof Andy Fenton: What are the Consequences of Transmission Heterogeneities for Disease Outbreaks?

Dr Cristina Garcia Perez: How does the provision of different ecosystem services interact? A multi-habitat approach across the rural-urban continuum in the UK

Dr James Hall: How do interactions between mobile genetic elements enhance microbial community resilience?

Prof Greg Hurst: Defence evolution under protective symbiosis: how do nuclear and symbiont defences interact?

Prof Jane Hurst: Using population genetics and scent deposits to inform recovery strategies for a threatened UK mammal

Dr Vicencio Oostra: Development, evolution and genomics of seasonal plasticity in African butterflies

Dr Ilik Saccheri: Genomic architecture of inbreeding depression in butterflies

Prof Paula Stockley: Quantifying ecological impacts and long-term sustainability of The Cheshire Beaver Project

Dr Stuart Wigby: Diet and thermal limits: eating for survival and fertility

Dr Sharon Zytynska: Natural pest control services in UK agroforestry


Apply directly to the University of Liverpool at:

Notes for your application:

Click on Apply Online Now. You will need to create an account, then go to Application for Admission. Complete all categories. Below are some helpful notes.

Academic Information 1

In Admission Term, apply for 2021-22 entry

In Application Type, select Research Degree (MPhil/PhD/MD) – Full time

In Programme of Study, select Biological Sciences, Doctor in Philosophy (PhD). Note that this is for the purposes of the application, and is not the final programme title, should your application progress.

Research Degree Additional Information

In Supervisors, you can add the primary supervisor name/s for the project/s you are interested in

In Research Project or Topic, add the project title/s you are interested in

In Are you applying for a studentship within an RCUK Centre for Doctoral Training? Tick Yes

The Proposed Start Date is October 2021

Supporting Information

Upload your CV and supporting statement here


There is no need to upload references here as we will request these on your behalf. Please insert the names and contact details of your referees in the application form.

Other information

In Do you already have funding in place? Tick No

In If you have been awarded funding or you are applying for funding (sponsorship, scholarship, studentship or award), please provide details insert Studentship

In If you have selected studentship, please indicate the type of studentship (eg University of Liverpool Studentship) and provide the reference number of this studentship enter NERC ACCE DTP PhD STUDENTSHIP – this is very important


Dr Joshua Dean: How can sustainable soil carbon management be improved using river biogeochemical signals?

Dr Andrew Hacket-Pain: Live fast, mast or try to last: how do plant life-history trade-offs affect forest responses to climate change?

Dr Rachel Jeffreys: Climate change in the deep sea: assessing the resilience of deep-sea communities

Dr Nova Mieszkowska: In-situ sustained monitoring and eDNA techniques for determining responses of intertidal species to environmental change

Dr Encarnacion Montoya Romo: Disentangling environmental change in the Amazon: vegetation responses to Holocene drivers in the National Park of Yasuní (Ecuador)

Dr Samantha Patrick: What are the physiological costs to seabirds adapting to Arctic climate change?


Apply directly to the University of Liverpool at:

Apply under School of Environmental Sciences

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED AN APPLICATION, YOU MUST EMAIL to inform us that you have done so.  We require this email to ensure your application is tracked on time so it is critical that you email us. 

Creating a Personal Statement

The proforma here provides guidance for the Personal/Supporting Statement segment of the application.

Please see here for our guide to applying to the ACCE DTP

If you have any questions you can join us on the 9th December at 1pm GMT for a live Q&A online via google meet (