PhD Opportunities At Liverpool

Doctoral training with ACCE2 at the University of Liverpool

Applications for ACCE PhD projects have now closed

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed for only one project from across the ACCE partnership. However, as some projects have more applicants than others, we encourage applicants to consider applying for more than one project within ACCE in order to maximise their chances of being interviewed.

For the academic year starting in October 2020, ACCE projects supervised at Liverpool are available at the Institute of Integrative Biology, Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease and the School of Environmental Sciences.

For more information, or to apply for a project, please follow the links below.

ACCE PhD opportunities based at the University of Liverpool

School of Environmental Sciences

Fishing in hot water: are the ecological impacts of trawling exacerbated by climate change?

Global insect declines? Assessing the resilience of urban insects

Understanding the response of variability in tree reproduction (masting) to climatic and environmental change

Assessing multiple pressures on seabirds

Institute of Integrative Biology

Determining how ancient human societies and historic climate change have shaped Egypt’s mammalian fauna and its implications for our understanding of the links between people and the environment

Designing landscapes that are robust to climate change

The consequences of transmission heterogeneities for disease outbreaks

Assessing the diversity, drivers and importance of Megaira, intracellular symbiont of aquatic eukaryotes

Exploring the contribution of horizontal gene transfer to greenhouse gas emissions from arable agriculture

Reducing harm to wildlife from rodent pest control strategies

Disease control and conservation: applying grazing pressure to solve “the world’s worst wildlife infectious disease”

Understanding how adaptive evolution shapes microbial community functioning in a changing environment

Evolutionary genomic analysis of rodent immune genes

Does phenotypic plasticity help or hinder rapid adaptation?

Climate change, microbiota, and speciation

Genomic architecture of inbreeding depression in butterflies

Female competition and maternal effects in a social mammal

The impacts of climate change on pollinator-plant interactions

Transgenerational effects of pollutants: the role of the egg

Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease

Moving about a new axis: The role of the backbone in major adaptive radiations of terrestrial vertebrates

Evolution of unique cranial morphology and function in lagomorphs: a combined effect of locomotion and mastication?