Ice-volcano feedbacks in the late Quaternary NW Pacific

Ambrose McCarron


Start Year: 2016, Cohort 3

Host University: The University of Sheffield

Department: Department of Geography

Supervisors:  Grant Bigg (Sheffield), Mike Rogerson (Hull), Jim Marshall (Liverpool)

Twitter: @APM_1988

Academic profile


BSc (Hons) Geography (University of Sheffield, 2012), MSc in Polar and Alpine Change (University of Sheffield, 2014)

Skills and relevant qualifications:

Marine stratigraphy, geochemistry, ocean-climate modelling, palaeo-ice sheet reconstruction, tephrochronology


ACCE PhD Research Topic

Late Pleistocene interactions between glacial change and regional volcanism in the North-West Pacific: Interpreting the marine sedimentary record


I am interested in the marine sedimentary record of the North-West Pacific and what it can teach us about glacial change on the Kamchatka peninsula during the late Pleistocene. Through a combination of marine core analysis, ocean-iceberg modelling, tephrochronology and geochemistry, I hope to unravel the complex interactions between ice sheet change and regional volcanism.