Good news… for a change. Rebecca Senior’s interview for BBC

Posted By on Nov 30, 2017

Good news… for a change.

Listen here ACCE student Rebecca Senior’s interview for BBC


written by Rebecca Senior

After attending the ACCE media training course in 2016, I was keen to have a go at some media engagement. I think it’s important that scientists are able and willing to communicate their research to a lay audience, so as soon as my paper was accepted I drafted a press release and got in touch with the fantastic media team at the University of Sheffield. They jazzed up and pitched my press release for me, and on the publication date, BBC Radio Sheffield requested this interview.
As my first (live!) radio interview, I was definitely nervous cycling down to the studio. Typically, though, it turned out to be not scary at all. I sat down with the interviewer – Howard Pressman – and we had a quick chat before broadcasting, while we waited for some horrible pop song to finish. And then we went live, and there was basically no difference. It was just two people, sat across from each other, having a discussion. The only weird thing was the big fuzzy microphone between us! My questions were straightforward, and it was over before I knew it.
Everyone in ACCE has something cool to talk about, so I’d encourage everybody to get involved and put that media training to good use!