Careers and Communication Portfolio

ACCE students will be required to devote a minimum of 6 weeks to the building and development of their ‘Careers and communication portfolio’ over the course of their PhD. They will make their selection from the choice of online resources and career events offered in their host institution or external providers to meet their needs and to develop the portfolio. Activities must fall into the following groups:

Career Development

  • Career management skills, e.g. networking, career exploration, self-awareness, career decisions, proactive skills development, etc.;
  • Teaching qualifications and workshops, e.g. undertake university teaching workshops or external opportunities such as the Brilliant Club;
  • Business and management skills – training, experience and qualifications on various aspects of HR and L&D – leadership, management, business skills and personal effectiveness. This training could include careers development through professional experience – e.g. internships/placements; volunteer work; attendance at competitions, e.g. Environment YES, Vitae GRAD schools, or Leadership in Action;
  • Innovation and commercialisation – this could include training or activities which could help to translate research ideas into innovative solutions and start up a business venture, e.g. User Innovation: A Path to Entrepreneurship.

Media and Communication

You could make your selection of online resources and training courses on e.g.:

  • Events management, media photography, music industries, new social media, blogging, public relations, television production, radio, etc.;
  • Science and policy e.g. Participation in debates, organising talks, blogging, writing public articles, etc.;