Admixture analysis in multiple contact zones of Littorina saxatilis

Pragya Chaube


Start Year: 2014, 1st cohort

Host University: The University of Sheffield

Department: Animal and Plant Sciences

Supervisors: Prof Roger Butlin, Dr. S.J.E. Baird 

Pragya Chaube

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MSc Human & Molecular Genetics, University of Sheffield, UK, 2013-2014

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ACCE PhD Research topic

Admixture analysis in multiple contact zones of Littorina saxatilis

Speciation may occur through a process of local adaptation, where divergent selection overcomes gene flow, followed by the accumulation of further reproductive barriers. This process depends on the genetic architecture of traits under divergent selection. The aim of this project is to determine the architecture of adaptative traits underlying local adaptation in the snail, Littorina saxatilis. Phenotypic data will be gathered from replicated contact zones in Sweden and combined with genetic marker data for many loci throughout the genome. Admixture analysis will be done in order to associate phenotypic variation with marker loci and so infer the genetic basis of differentiation for each trait and the relationships among traits.